Niks Besan Ladoo - 500gm


Carefully crafted with the finest gram flour (besan), these luscious ladoos are a celebration of tradition and flavor.


Product Details

Immerse in the authentic sweetness of Niks Besan Laddu. Each bite comprises sweet and mellowed extract of choicest ingredients which are aged to perfection to get the best lip-smacking taste that makes for a great sweet after a meal. Any occasion is incomplete without this sweet. Buy Niks Besan Laddu online and enjoy it with your family.

Each bite reveals the perfect balance of roasted gram flour, aromatic ghee, and the subtle sweetness of pure cane sugar. Niks Besan Ladoo offers a nostalgic taste of homemade goodness, reminiscent of festive occasions and family gatherings. Packaged in a convenient 500gm box, they are ideal for sharing joy or savoring as a delightful personal treat.


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