Niks Chappati - 400gm


Introducing Niks Chappati – a 400gm pack of pure culinary delight.


Product Details

Niks Chapatti is whole wheat and dal flatbread. It is enjoyed in many Indian homes. They are thin circles that are roasted till they puff up. It is soft thin and staple food. It is simple and round flatbread. These are pre-cooked chapatti that you just need to reheat. It is easy and without any hassle. Now enjoy the chapatti at home within minutes. It is made with natural ingredients without any preservatives and trans fat. It is tasty and nutritious.

Elevate your dining experience with these meticulously crafted, wholesome chapatis that promise both taste and nutrition in every bite. Made from the finest quality wheat, each Niks Chappati is a testament to our commitment to delivering freshness and authenticity to your table.

Perfectly soft and pliable, these chapatis are an ideal companion for any meal. Whether you're savoring them with savory curries or using them as a wrap for your favorite fillings, Niks Chappati ensures a delightful and convenient culinary experience.

Embrace the goodness of wholesome, homemade taste without the hassle. Niks Chappati is your shortcut to a delicious and fulfilling mealtime. Indulge in the simplicity of great flavor with Niks Chappati – because every meal deserves the touch of perfection.


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