Prome Coriander Powder - 125gm


Prome Coriander Powder, available in a compact 125gm pack, is a kitchen essential for enhancing the flavors of your dishes.


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Prome Coriander Powder:



Prome  Coriander(Dhaniya) powder is a must-have spice ingredient in all our Indian Households items. Devaaya Dhaniya sees itself as part of all kinds of Indian cuisines, whether it is used in simple  daily meals. Having it in a powder form is used to add in cook's delight as it is made from the finest coriander seeds.

Our experts select the best and hygienic  to ensure you get coriander powder that is perfectly balanced in aroma, taste and flavor. Coriander is a small, hollow-stemmed plant in the family, in the genus- Coriandrum. Its scientific name is Coriandrum sativum.


It is pleasant, rich aromatic and hot and spicy, its seeds have been found useful since ancient periods in cooking as well as in various traditional treatments like digestion, to prevent stomach pain. It doesn't use synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Coriander seeds are a rich source of dietary fiber and contain minerals.

 They can be used in whole or grounded form to add rich flavor, earthy aromatic and texture. Prome Coriander Seeds are handpicked from nature and hygienically packed to suit your everyday cooking. Prome  Coriander/Dhania powder are obtained from a plant known as Coriandrum sativum.



These seeds are rich in good  flavor and earthy aroma and are widely used in preparations all around the world.

Prome Coriander is freshly picked from nature and can be used to enhance the taste and aroma of various dishes. Go ahead and buy Malika Coriander seeds online today.


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