Prome Curry Powder - 125gm


Elevate your culinary creations with the vibrant flavors of Prome Curry Powder in this easy-to-use 125gm pouch.


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Prome curry powder:


Prome Curry Masala helps you create an age-old Bengali delicacy.  It is a traditional favorite curry. It is a comforting light curry prepared with mutton and potato chunks and with a limited amount of spices.

 This masala helps you prepare a classical mutton curry. It adds flavor and enhances your dish. They say, the best way to win hearts is through the stomach, and great food often does this trick, perking up people's moods.


Prome perfected this mantra with the magical flavor of their purest spices, ready mixes, mixed masalas and more. The kitchen of India Curry is used to create very delicious aromatic spices in curries.

 The mix includes the freshest ingredients. Supply Curry with hot Chapatis (Indian flatbread) or plain boiled rice. Prome Masala is a prepared and great mix for making tandoori chicken and special for preparation of all types of mughlai  curries.


In this combine, the flavoring agents marginally predominate the taste elements. For  curry, this gives the precise balance between the spice-elements and additional ingredients in the dish. What makes a dish authentically Indian is its spice.

 And, Prome  Curry Masala promises you that authenticity when it comes to aroma and flavor. Made from the choicest blend of spices, this masala gives your chicken curry a rich texture and taste.



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