Prome Cumin Seed Powder - 125gm


Meticulously ground from premium cumin seeds, this powder adds a distinctive and aromatic touch to a variety of cuisines.


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Prome Cumin Seed Powder:


Jeera is the freshest of finest quality grained by cumin seeds powder sourced from the best farms. Jeera is a strong flavor and  spice, mostly used in cooking a variety of dishes. People use it to add additional taste to their food and it's general medicinal seeds.

Jeera(cumin) is another staple Indian spice. It offers an exclusive Strong Flavors and aroma. However, Cumin or jeera spice is well-known not just for its flavor, but also for their health benefits and medicinal products. 


Jeera is majorly used by all Indians as a basic ingredient in their households. It is also dried, fried or sauteed and widely used in curries, biryani, gravies and soups.

Prome Cumin seeds are an important and essential kitchen ingredient, finds worldwide usage in various  Indian, Mexican and Eastern and have major health and medicinal benefits and . It is  good for nursing mothers and pregnant women as it is rich in iron, calcium and promotes lactation. 


It is a widely used spice and has an excellent flavor that adds a mouth-watering taste to the food. Cumin powder contains a good source of iron and contains minerals like magnesium, manganese, copper and iron. It also aids in the digestion of food and in preventing digestive disorders.


Jeera powder is usually used  while cooking Indian curries and dals. Everyday drinks the cumin (jeera) healthy juice. Within a few weeks you can see the weight loss and destroy the unsaturated fats.


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